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Location delivers the right audience for brands.

Location data is the key to figuring out what customers really want. Identify and target brand audiences using our portfolio of products and make location the foundation of your media strategy.

Plan: Smart Trends

Providing marketers with analysis of different places, and how people interact with those places.

Demographic Data: Discover the various age & gender profiles of your target audiences.
Contextual Consumption: Gain insights into the mobile consumption of your users whilst in-store or particular location.
Device Analysis: Know the device make up of your users in-store or particular location.
Time & Day Analysis: Understand the different user patterns over time through foot traffic in-store.
Session Index (uniques vs bids): Identify the level of mobile activity from a user whilst in store.

Visualise: Heat Maps

Data visualisation through animated hotspots to better understand your audience geographic behaviour.

See the exact moment in which campaign exposure took place.

Understand where & when audiences are interacting & engaging with your ad.

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Analyse: Booking Analysis

Dashboard showcasing real-time campaign delivery, performance & analytics over time.

Discover the best performing age/gender profiles & gain insights into the mobile content behaviour of your campaign users.

Know the device make up of your users when being served the ad & understand the best performing location types & brands.

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Action: blisfootsteps

Reporting tool which uses footfall attribution to measure the effectiveness in driving users into a store after exposure to an ad campaign

A/B testing: Compare Foot Through Rate (FTR) between exposed & control devices.
Location analysis: Measure footfall conversions & breakdown by locations & individual stores.
Strategy Analysis: Compare the behaviours of different audiences exposed to your ad campaign.
Time analysis: Get visibility on average time taken to convert in-store & identify the exact moment an audience was exposed to your ad to your ad.

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