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Location delivers the right audience for brands.

Location data is the key to figuring out what customers really want. Identify and target brand audiences using our portfolio of products and make location the foundation of your media strategy.


Measure and understand the true engagement of your audiences.

Blis Engage enables brands to deliver targeted and relevant video ads where their audience are most likely to engage: in the home and connected to residential Wi-Fi.

Ensure campaign success through guaranteed video engagement using the metric Cost Per Completed View (CPCV).

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Target & engage your future audience through deep-learning AI.

Enables advertisers to choose the location they want to drive customers into & determines the audience who will most likely visit.

Blis combines their most comprehensive device ID location database with proprietary algorithms & solutions to accurately predict customer behaviour.

Campaign performance will be measured on Cost Per Visit (CPV) metric & advertisers will only be charged when customers visit the targeted location.

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