Blis | Tailored Targeting

Location delivers the right audience for brands.

Location data is the key to figuring out what customers really want. Identify and target brand audiences using our portfolio of products and make location the foundation of your media strategy.


Accurate geo-fencing that performs at scale.

Enables brands to identify & serve digital advertising to consumers within a set distance of single or multiple defined locations.

  • Drive measurable real-world footfall into a specific location.
  • Influence the consumer decision making purchase process through relevant targeting.
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Target audiences based on location & contextual data.

Enables brands to reach their target audiences in the right location at the right time. Blis combines real time location data, content & demographic data to build highly relevant audiences.

  • Apply location accuracy with contextual relevance.
  • Drive consumer engagement in real-time.
  • Maximise impact through audience targeting.

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Tailored Targeting