This Tech Pair Aims to Serve Better Mobile Ads Inside Target, CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade

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This Tech Pair Aims to Serve Better Mobile Ads Inside Target, CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade

Blis and Unacast team up for improved data

People have grown accustomed to websites tracking their every move. Because everyone is carrying a smartphone nowadays, similar, navigation-styled data is being gathered in retail shops.

As the latest example, Blis and Unacast are teaming up to to give advertisers better mobile targeting capabilities toward consumers—with beacons technology—as they shop the aisles of stores like Target, CVS, Walgreens and Duane Reade. Such marketers will also get improved post-campaign insights when it comes to sales attribution, according to the pair of location data players.

Blis, which has 11 offices worldwide and calls New York home in the U.S., taps mobile and desktop exchanges like Twitter, Millennial and Google and claims to serve ads to 100,000 publications. Merging Unacast’s technology with Blis’ technology is designed to bolster beacons’ accuracy in terms of GPS and WiFi-location signals, offering advertisers the chance to track and analyze where people are as they move around stores.

Brands can then utilize the data gathered to, in theory, better target consumers and improve the performance of their campaigns. The location-based ads are either display and video.

“To put this simply, it’ll provide additional scale with additional data/insight,” said Harry Dewhirst, president at Blis. “This additional insight can come in form of dwell time, how long a customer spent in a retailer or additional layers of precision, for example which aisle of a supermarket.”

Dewhirst’s company works with major ad agency groups such as Omnicom and WPP (Group M and Mindshare, specifically). Unacast says it provides data on 40 percent of the world’s commercial beacons and sensors to learn how consumers roam in stores, malls, airports and sports stadium.

Indeed, the physical retail world is becoming one big ecommerce site, as shoppers share location via their iPhones and Androids.

Meanwhile, other beacons-minded companies include Apple (iBeacon), Umbel, Custora, AgilOne and Segment.

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