Blis | Nike: Running

Nike: Running

Nike worked with Blis to drive awareness and recruitment for the Nike Running city challenge in key cities across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Products: Audience / Path

Blis implemented a double approach to achieve a 360 degree reach of the core Nike running audience.

1. Serve advertisements in real time to users seen in relevant selected locations.

2. Retarget users later in the day with a prompt to enter the competition. campaign.


Demographic: 18 - 34 Male and Female

Contextual: Running + Health and Fitness Apps and Mobile Sites

Locations: Gyms, Sports Centres, Athletic Tracks, Marathons/Half Marathons, Triathlon Events

Volume by Targeting Group


Best performing location type: Leisure Centres
Demographic with most volume: Males 70%
Most engaged audience: Females 4.1x more than Males

Campaign CTR uplift
Best performing city
Best performing device - Tablet