Blis extends partnership with Imply for self-service analytics at scale

Blis extends partnership with Imply for self-service analytics at scale

Imply gives location-powered advertising leader real-time operational control, customer insights and executive visibility.

California, 28 July – Imply, the leader in self-service analytics, announced an extension of its partnership with Blis to enable real-time self-service analytics for the location-powered advertising leader. Blis maps real-world, human behaviour to help the world’s top brands and media agencies understand, reach and engage consumers globally to deliver measurable results.

Blis uses Imply to integrate advertising opportunities, client campaign needs and real-world mobility data on a global scale, with the information presented to Blis users through the intuitive Imply Pivot analytics interface. Data is streamed into Imply using Apache Kafka while Google Cloud is used for deep storage. 

The company uses Imply for real-time analytics up and down the organization.

  • The operations team uses Imply to manage media purchases and make intelligent pricing decisions, executing against a base of hundreds of thousands of advertising auction requests each second, 200 million consumers a day and a network of 35,000 different publishers.
  • The analytic insights team, which helps customers maximize their value from Blis, uses Imply to discover opportunities and tell data-driven stories about their campaigns.
  • Engineering and product teams use Imply to keep an eye on revenue and margin, with the ability to drill into unexpected changes.
  • Finally, executives use Imply dashboards to stay connected to the pulse of the business in real-time. 

“We use location data to help brands understand real human behaviour so that they can effectively engage with their consumers and deliver measurable results,” said Amy Fox, Product Director, Blis. “Our proprietary Smart Platform powers all Blis technology and, when combined with Imply, enables our team to creatively explore data, connecting the dots across data sets to get answers. The sheer volume of data we push through Imply is immense, but in an instant we can answer a precise question like ‘How many ad opportunities were there for Words with Friends in Brighton today at 4 PM?’” 

The lockdowns triggered by the coronavirus pandemic provide a timely example of the value of the partnership. The stay-home orders enacted across the globe quickly and dramatically changed business foot traffic. As the pandemic subsides or flares up in various regions, it is critical for advertisers to have live insights into what people are actually doing in order to cost-effectively target campaigns and promotions. Blis is able to leverage Imply to process real-time data and make it accessible to less-technical business experts to deliver insights to customers, and increase their campaign ROI.

“Blis is both an advertising industry innovator and an analytics leader. They were an early adopter of Imply for self-service analytics at extreme speed and scale,” said Andy Sadler, General Manager, Europe Middle East and Africa, Imply. “Their extensive use of Imply for operational analytics, customer insights and executive visibility is the standard for how other companies should capitalize on the business value of real-time analytics. We look forward to helping Blis further their success.”

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