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How to unlock creativity on video

…days of mobile advertising were inundated with video ads that were slow to load. Even when they eventually did, many phones couldn’t display them properly. Today, delivered almost instantly and…

Moment Marketing

The moment for moment marketing has arrived

…Williams’ hat at the 2014 Grammys. Be insightful But today, moment marketing is becoming even more sophisticated with the help of advanced insights and tools. For instance, we’ve brought the…

When Micro-moments Deliver Big ROI

Instagram, or the weather, we look at our phones 30 times a day, while Millennials look upwards of 150 times each day. And in these brief, but frequent, interactions with…


Mobile, what a year!

…(an estimate) Vertical Video 98% of us opted for a more vertical viewpoint this year. Why? Because platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat became second nature, and consumers started to…

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