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Cute baby goes shopping with bags, shops in background, How to Turn a Consumer into a Shopper

How to Turn Consumers into Shoppers

…data, advertisers can begin to map out consumers’ past and present shopping habits. They can discover, for instance, that a new parent drops the kids off at daycare five days…

Allocate Your 2018 Marketing Budget for Greater ROI

…they’re shopping in—information that’s enabling advertisers to create captivating and personalized digital in-store experiences. Nordstrom, for instance, is investing in new ways to merge the physical and digital worlds in…

Geolocation gets an IQ boost

…clearer picture of how likely they are to buy the product. Targeting those viewers who live in affluent areas, for instance, will produce better results. Using location data to segment…

Taking Location Data on the Road to Personalization

Using Location Data for Personalization

…spend their time. Historical location data can help advertisers get a good idea of who their customers really are. They can identify, for instance, a sporty young woman by seeing…

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