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It’s only human to say one thing and do another. Blis Analytics delivers a real-world picture of your consumers, giving you the strongest indication of purchase intent, based on what they actually do – not just what they say or show on social media or search for on the web.


Using Blis’ visual and interactive tool, the Audience Explorer helps you discover what makes your customers’ unique, build richer media plans and deliver better outcomes.


Fuelled by Blis’ accurate intelligence, our Trend & Insight Reports help you identify market challenges, understand competitive crossover and loyalty and gain competitive advantage, so you can make more informed business decisions


Campaigns fueled by location intelligence deliver conversion rates at least 8x higher than those based on browser data.

*Source: Blis, Jan 2019 vs. Lotame Taxonomy Jan 2019 for movie goers.

Audience Explorer

Our visual and interactive tool ingests data from a global panel of 1.5bn opted in consumers and combines precise location data with hundreds of rich online and offline signals, providing you with the most comprehensive audience insights to build richer and better performing campaigns for activation across any platform. Enabling you to:


Discover Blis precision planning

Understand your customers’ behaviours and lifestyles and what makes them unique


Access the most precise, accurate real-world audiences for location-first planning


Achieve your key campaign outcomes successfully without the reliance on personal data

Trend & Insight Reports

Our analytics reports are a powerful source of information that can move the needle for your business. These reports feature analysis that benefits not just campaign planning and strategy, but also broader business strategy. Gain a solid understanding of:

Your customers

Gain a unique view of real-world consumer behaviour.

Your competitors

Attract new customers and map loyalty through competitor conquesting.

Trends over time

Shift tactics based on seasonal peaks 

and trends to improve ROI.

The analysis

Trend & Insight Reports are a powerful source of information that can move the needle for your business. These reports feature analysis that benefits not just campaign planning and strategy, but also broader business strategy.

Competitive crossover analysis lets you identify the overlap between your customers and competitors’ customers, as well as their lifestyle behaviours.

With competitive crossover analysis, you’ll find answers to key marketing questions, including:

  • Are there untapped audiences with high lifestyle crossover that I should be trying to reach?
  • Are there key competitors I need to be aware of during certain seasonal events?
  • Are there regional considerations I should take into account for my national campaigns?

Use our loyalty analysis to determine and monitor brand exclusivity against your top competitors and guide you to answer these important questions:

  • Are there untapped audiences we should be trying to reach – audiences that don’t appear to have loyalty to any brand?
  • Are we missing opportunities to retain brand loyalty of our existing customers?
  • Should we consider building a loyalty programme for our brand?

With a Trend & Insight Reports license,
you’ll have access to:

Full access to the 

Smart Platform to see 

your monthly reports

Up to 10




Downloadable charts and aggregated data for better cross-media 


Dedicated client services manager to set up your reports and be on hand for questions you have


“The real-world intelligence provided by Blis not only highlights the success of Renault’s mobile location campaigns but also gives us valuable information about our consumers and when they are most likely to convert.”

Vincenzo Montella – Media Specialist, Renault Italia
uplift from control groups to those exposed to the ads.
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