The changing behaviour series: old habits drive new behaviours

We started ‘The changing behaviour series’ to help brands and agencies understand how COVID-19 was impacting consumer behaviour. Most of us are experiencing some form of sheltering at home, many people are experiencing reduced working hours or layoffs and how we consume goods and services has fundamentally changed over the past couple of months. And we don’t know how or when this will all end. 

What we do know is that the vast majority of us are spending more time at home, preparing and eating food, watching TV or playing games and using our mobile phones. At a time when fewer purchase decisions are being made outside the home, shared habits can influence preferences and buying behaviours.

We wanted to build a solution to help brands respond to the current situation where people are not out and about as frequently. Habits to Home Targeting was created to help brands adapt their advertising for a ‘stay at home’ COVID world. It leverages pre-COVID historical behavioural patterns to help brands adapt their advertising and extend their reach.

If we look at supermarkets or FMCGs as an example, governments around the world have introduced limits for shoppers to one person per household at a time. However,  by limiting advertising to only those who have previously been to the store, we might be missing out on those who might be next out to do the ones shopping. By combining historical audience targeting data, largely from pre-COVID consumer behaviours, with our new proprietary technology designed to identify and reach entire households at scale, brands can connect with all involved in the decision making within a home.

Our CEO Greg Isbister said, “In times of economic struggle, marketing is often the first budget line to be cut. Taking a long-term view and focusing efforts on brand-building is critical for our entire industry to adapt to this challenge and survive. We’re seeing brands really take a considered approach towards pivoting their messaging, and Habits to Home Targeting will help ensure that they reach the community of people within a household that will be impacted by any purchasing decisions made on their behalf.” 

While the lockdowns globally are only temporary, the importance of family and household members in making key purchase decisions from grocery shopping to entertainment to white goods or cars is well documented and will continue to be vital once we all return to work. Habits to Home Targeting is just one way brands can address today’s pressing challenges and also future proof their strategies for recovery.

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