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Blis launches Consumer Confidence Pulse 2.0 dashboard

Blis is excited to announce the release of our new Consumer Confidence Pulse, which highlights the latest data for consumer mood and movement in key retail and lifestyle sectors. This updated “Pulse 2.0” is featured on a new dashboard that will be updated monthly. The insights can be accessed on the dashboard at any time. 

The survey questions asked consumers about their mood regarding the economy, household finances, and COVID-19 through July 2021. While still fairly low, economic confidence is returning, as the recovery is fueled by active consumers. However, as COVID-19 cases are on the rise again we are seeing an increase in anxiety on a more individual level. 

Optimism about household finance was trending up through the first part of the year, but has since taken a turn – particularly in APAC, but also the US. These recent wobbles coincide with general COVID-19 anxiety, with our July survey data showing a significant rise in those saying they feel “very anxious” about the pandemic. 

Along with the survey data, the new Pulse highlights footfall across 18 sectors. With lockdowns continuing to fluctuate, consumers have adapted to quick returns to mobility. When the initial lockdowns of the pandemic were relaxed, consumers gradually resumed previous activities. However, with each subsequent lifting of restrictions over the past year, people have returned to their old lifestyles quicker. If these bursts of restriction-easing continue, retailers and marketers may consider adapting their strategies to meet consumers’ alternating behavior. 

With spending, there is a trend of fiscal responsibility. Our data shows that consumers are very inclined to save (the highest savings indicators we’ve seen since 2020). Similarly, paying off debt has been more of a priority as COVID-19 continues. 

Our Consumer Confidence Pulse dashboard can be accessed here. Make sure to continue to check in as we update the insights each month.

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