Blis Brand Safety Policy


Blis is dedicated to upholding a high standard of digital brand safety on our campaign delivery run on behalf of the agencies and advertisers we work with. Our approach ensures that we deliver high quality traffic across viewable and brand-safe environments. The technologies and processes we have implemented are listed below:


1. Supply quality control

Supply partnerships 

Blis only works with a number of trusted SSPs/ad exchanges who offer high quality and premium inventory enriched with our proprietary data. We optimise our supply towards brand safe and viewable environments and ensure the following measures are implemented in order to optimise our supply: 

  • Inclusion lists and exclusion lists are implemented on the SSP’s end to ensure undesirable supply is stripped out and never reaches our DSP. 
  • Publishers identified across any of IAB’s risky categories are automatically blocked. 
  • New publishers onboarded by SSPs are submitted to Blis for approval prior to being added to our existing supply pool.
  • Preventing publishers from the exclusion list re-entering the supply pool by changing their name, ID, etc.
Client inclusion lists

Blis can work with agencies and advertisers to build pre-vetted regional inclusion lists that meet the custom requirements of each of our clients. Inclusion lists can be applied across each campaign at advertiser and/or agency level to give clients full control over implementation.


Global exclusion list 

Blis has an extensive global exclusion list which contains a list of inappropriate sites that are prohibited from our network. This list is updated on a continuous basis using both an automated and manual process: 

  • Automated: Through using our technological integrations with MOAT and Integral Ad Science, we are able to detect and remove sites that are scoring below industry standard as set by our third party vendors. 
  • Manual: All sites that we onboard are manually pre-vetted by our supply teams, any inappropriate sites are immediately added to the exclusion list.
Takedown policy

In the rare scenario that we are alerted to a misplaced ad, once notified by the agency or advertiser, we will add the site to the exclusion list within 24 hours and pause the campaign until the issue has been resolved. If we alerted to the placement outside of our working hours, the ad will be removed the following working day. Blis will endeavor to fully investigate the cause of the violation and take any necessary actions to prevent the occurrence from happening again. 

Self service clients using our Blis platform are able to pause the campaign immediately and add the relevant publisher to the exclusion list accordingly. In addition, Blis will be contacted to investigate this issue adding any risky sites at a network level to the exclusion list.

2. Third-party verification 

Blis has partnered with best-in-class verification platforms (MOAT and IAS) which are both MRC accredited for viewability and IVT measurement purposes. As frontrunners in mobile measurement, Integral Ad Science and MOAT both leverage an SDK integration which, as quoted by the Media Ratings Council, is the only current methodology that can accurately measure in-app content. This helps advance our measurement capabilities as a mobile specialised DSP. 

Pre-bid blocking solution: 

Using our pre-bid blocking solution our integration with Integral Ad Science allows us to block any traffic that falls within any of the below prohibited categories: 

  • Adult 
  • Alcohol 
  • Illegal Download 
  • Drug 
  • Hate Speech 
  • Offensive Language 
  • Violence 

3. In-house solutions


Our Blis ‘Smart Pin’ is our proprietary technology that uses a robust filtering process to detect and block inaccurate location data and/or invalid traffic using a ten step filtering process. For example, amongst other uses, we can detect and filter out traffic emanating from a single IP address and/or device ID. Please see below the ten signals we use as part of our filtering process to ensure that the advertisers and agencies we work with target accurate location data.

  • Centroid 
  • Unique Bad Publisher Name 
  • Precision 
  • Not enough data 
  • Country Code 
  • No country 
  • Greenwich
  • Symmetric Equator

4. Viewability

Blis is committed to working with advertisers to achieve their viewability goals, and are working with industry leaders to improve measurement standards within mobile. Through our partnerships with Moat and IAS we optimise towards highly viewable placements to achieve advertiser-specific goals. Alongside post-delivery measurement and analytics tools, Blis has also developed a comprehensive pre-bid targeting solution that utilises publisher and ad format score data made available either directly from its partner SSPs or IAS.

5. Certifications with industry regulatory bodies

Blis’ involvement in several industry initiatives is a sign of Blis’ commitment to compliance with good brand safety practices as well as promoting  transparency in the industry.

  • TAG: We are part of TAG’s Brand Safety Certified Program and Verified by TAG in both the UK and US. This represents our full commitment and dedication to ensuring the prevention of ad-misplacement. Being part of the program and being certified in both of these regions signals our commitment as a trusted player within the digital ecosystem.
  • IAB Gold Standard: we have achieved our IAB gold standard to ensure our proactive response to improving digital standards, reducing invalid traffic, and promoting brand safety. 

6. Blis Content and Advertising Standards Policy 

At Blis, we are responsible for upholding brand safety standards across both our publisher and our advertising partners. We take any violation of these standards extremely seriously. As such, we have set out a collection of Content and Ads Standards Policies to provide clear expectations, that can be found here.

Contact us 

To contact us with questions about this policy, you may reach us at or in writing, and we will respond to your request within a reasonable time frame: 

Blismedia Ltd
ATTN: Compliance Team

85 Great Portland Street,

London W1W 7LT


Changes to this Brand Safety Policy 

If this policy changes in any way, we will place an updated version on this page. Regularly reviewing this page ensures that you are aware of the processes Blis have implemented to protect advertisers against major issues facing the mobile display market including brand safety, viewability and and fraud. This Brand Safety Policy was last updated on the 4th Jan 2021.

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