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Reaching over 1bn mobile devices globally – Blis helps the world’s top brands and media agencies engage consumers and drive them in-store.

Understanding real life consumer behaviour is becoming increasingly important as ‘normal’ life has been disrupted and people are at home more and out and about less. Businesses need to work harder to engage with consumers at scale as lockdowns ease and deliver the best experiences to drive them to eCommerce, web or in-store. Blis can help. The most customer-centric brands are using Blis’ location intelligence solutions: Analytics, Activation and Attribution, to help them hit their campaign goals.

Drive business outcomes through…


Supercharge your planning


Blis Analytics provides actionable insights at your fingertips via our Smart Platform. Access insights on consumer habits, such as competitive crossover and brand loyalty, to inform cross-media planning and overall business strategy.


Reach your audiences


Blis Activation puts real-time location data and historic audience behaviour in context for more effective targeting, so you can reach the right audiences at a time they’re most likely to engage, driving foot traffic and sales.


Measure ROI


Blis Attribution measures and reports on campaign metrics, providing insights into campaigns and informing future strategies. We help marketers show value for their marketing spend by understanding campaign performance and ROI.


Reach entire households

Reaching an entire household based on historic location behaviours means brands can influence purchase decisions whilst maintaining brand awareness and defending market share. Blis’ new Habits to Home Targeting leverages our accurate Audience Targeting to map historic behaviours to households for personalised targeting at scale, now with a thirteen-month look-back window.

This targeting is delivered across families and groups resident at the same house. It’s particularly relevant where the buying decision is influenced by multiple people in the household, for example, supermarkets and FMCG products, QSR and food delivery, streaming entertainment services, home and garden improvements and large household purchases, such as electronics, white goods, furniture and even cars.

Give OOH cross-media planning a lift

Partner with Blis to plan, amplify and measure your out of home (OOH) campaigns:


Identify the most relevant OOH sites for your audiences by understanding who is exposed to those sites and what their historical habits are.

Extend OOH reach by serving location-powered mobile ads to consumers in proximity to your OOH sites and reach them later, when they are connected to WiFi or at home.
Analyse the impact of our OOH campaign by measuring foot traffic, conversions and brand uplift.
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Did you know

According to MIT, human behaviour is 93% predictable, so the more we can understand people’s habits, the better we can leverage mass personalisation to target and engage them with higher relevance for better, more meaningful results.

Ways to work with Blis

Every Blis media solution can be purchased in a flexible way via our DSP, or programmatically via your DSP of choice.

Blis Smart Platform
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Full Service

Campaign delivery by Blis specialists with transparent access to your campaign activity




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Self Serve

Plan, buy, deliver and optimise Blis campaigns via our Smart Platform.




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Analytics subscription

In-depth competitor and lifestyle Trend & Insight Reports accessible via Blis’ Smart Platform.*


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Private Marketplace (PMP)

Activate Blis’ premium location and audience targeting segments.



A fully GDPR and CCPA compliant company, and we still reach 1/7th of the world’s population through our targeting solutions. 

We are committed to ensuring that consumers feel in control of their personal information. You can trust that you’re benefiting from the value of real-world intelligence and insights derived from the highest-quality, responsibly collected data. We are also registered with the IAB Consent Framework.



Read more about our GDPR and CCPA compliance here.


“The real-world intelligence provided by Blis not only highlights the success of Renault’s mobile location campaigns but also gives us valuable information about our consumers and when they are most likely to convert.”

Vincenzo Montella – Media Specialist, Renault Italia
uplift from control groups to those exposed to the ads.
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