Missing something?

IDs are already disappearing.
So are your audiences.

Missing something?

IDs are already disappearing.
So are your auidences.

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Blis is the audience-first platform that doesn’t rely on personal data. We’re an integrated planning and buying platform that delivers scaled, relevant and high-performing audiences, helping the world’s largest brands and media agencies achieve their goals.

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How Blis can work for you

Deliver the outcomes
you need

From brand metrics to in-store and online visits, like Click2Cart, we deliver ROI for you.

Privacy-first targeting

Our platform reaches over 1.5b unique devices monthly, enabling you to reach your audiences at scale, across any platform in a privacy-friendly way.

Gain competitive advantage

From understanding the changing consumer to identifying market challenges and
competitive conquesting.

Work with a partner
you can trust

We’re the tried
and tested global partner
to the world’s most
customer-centric brands.

Blis adheres to the rigorous standards of GDPR and CCPA for our data processing.

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Missing something?

The insider report

Every second, the Blis platform tracks mobile devices, worldwide, seen in…




fast food restaurants


shopping malls



Check out some of the exciting pre-COVID stats below and track the road to recovery here.

Providing transparency for our brands through location verification

Blis has a global partnership with Geoprove, a self-serve location verification platform. Geoprove provides comprehensive reporting and analytics on all Blis campaigns globally and looks at everything from location health to supply.

64% of UK shoppers use their mobile phones whilst in stores

1 of 7

80% of Singaporeans use their mobile phone when shopping in a physical store

2 of 7

71% of US consumers are mobile shoppers

3 of 7

69% of US consumers use at least one mobile shopping app

4 of 7

45% of Italians are ‘Researchers’ when it comes to shopping

5 of 7

53% of UAE consumers bought food and groceries via their mobile phone whilst at home

6 of 7

78% of Australians purchased a product in a physical store after seeing a mobile ad outside

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Our insights, news and events

Solutions built for a privacy-first world​

Powered by our proprietary Smart Platform technology, we deliver the outcomes you want, at scale programmatically, through location-first planning and activation strategies that don’t rely on personal data for delivery.

Our clients

Blis is proud to work with the world’s largest and most customer-driven companies across all verticals.

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