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We use location data to help the world’s top brands and media agencies understand, reach and engage consumers globally to deliver measurable results, using our proprietary technology to map real-world, human behaviour. Especially in today’s stay-at-home world, Blis can leverage historic data to predict future behaviours. Let us show you how we can put this powerful intelligence to work for you.

Blis adheres to the rigorous standards of
GDPR and CCPA for our data processing.

Check out our changing behaviour series

The changing behaviour series uses Blis’ location data to track the ever-changing consumer behaviour during the Covid-19 crises to help brands evaluate where their audiences are going, what media they are consuming and where they’re consuming it.



Check it out here.

Every second, the Blis platform tracks mobile devices, worldwide, seen in…




fast food restaurants


shopping malls



Check out some of the exciting pre-COVID stats below and track the road to recovery here.

64% of UK shoppers use their mobile phones whilst in stores

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80% of Singaporeans use their mobile phone when shopping in a physical store

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71% of US consumers are mobile shoppers

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69% of US consumers use at least one mobile shopping app

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45% of Italians are ‘Researchers’ when it comes to shopping

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53% of UAE consumers bought food and groceries via their mobile phone whilst at home

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78% of Australians purchased a product in a physical store after seeing a mobile ad outside

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Location-based marketing can do much more for you than just help you reach the right audiences at the right time and place. With real-world intelligence, powered by our proprietary Smart Platform, Blis can help you drive business outcomes through our planning, activation and measurement offerings.

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Blis is proud to work with the world’s largest and most customer-driven companies across all verticals.

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