The changing behaviour series: charting the sentiment of 2020

Looking back over the twelve months just gone it’s certainly been a roller coaster of a year.

In this post from ‘The changing behaviour series’ we take a look at the data from the final quarter of 2020, captured in the Blis consumer confidence pulse to identify consumer sentiment in Australia, Singapore, Italy, UK and US.  

The key theme that emerged is that behaviour remains cautious across all territories. Although the context is beginning to differ somewhat when compared to the almost synchronised phases of panic, stability and nascent recovery seen globally throughout Q2-Q3 2020.

Amid various current lockdowns and curfews, political disruption or the measured easing of long-enforced restrictions – and not forgetting the economic burden yet to be fully felt by many households – there is cause for optimism heading into 2021.

The rollout of various vaccines has begun, which at least lights a path out of the uncertainty that has stalled purchase decision-making for many, and though it’s unlikely we can start talking about any serious return to ‘normal’ before the end of March, now is the time for brands and businesses to prepare for the bounceback that now seems on the horizon.

To dig in deeper to the data, check out the trackers for the UK, US, Italy , Australia and Singapore here.

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