Blis is committed to transparency

Blis is committed to transparency


Taking transparency seriously

At a time when our clients and the ad industry overall are looking for more accountability from their technology partners and increased transparency for their digital activity, Blis has put transparency at the core of our business, underpinning everything we do. From the accuracy and provenance of our data, to accessing our platform to review campaign setup and performance (even for full-service clients). 
In addition to protecting consumer privacy and the assurance that your ads are viewable and served in brand-safe environments, transparency is at the top of the agenda. We’re proud to be certified by all key industry regulatory bodies across these areas.
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Did you know...

Blis works with leading providers of independent verification, from Placed and NiinthDecimal through to IAS, MOAT, DV, iRI and RSI, among others. We firmly believe in independent verification and industry accountability

GDPR and CCPA: putting consumer privacy first

Where our products and services are concerned, Blis is committed to ensuring that consumers always feel in control of where and how their personal information is collected, stored and used. Rest assured, Blis adheres to the rigorous expectations of GDPR and CCPA, and we still reach 1/7th of the world’s population through our real-world intelligence. To do this, Blis uses verified, accurate and deterministic location data to build real-time and historic audiences around specific locations, enabling brands to reach consumers in real-time and also retarget them later. Where personal data comes from EU residents, Blis only processes it when consent has been expressly granted. 

As of January 2020, Blis also adheres to the standards of CCPA, giving residents of California a meaningful way to opt out of the processing of their data. Our deep work supporting GDPR has helped prepare us for CCPA and future regulatory changes emerging worldwide, and ensures that we go beyond the superficial to real compliance. 


Individuals can remove their consent either at the point of collection, typically an app or website, through the AdChoices icon in ads, or by reaching out to Blis’ privacy team through the contact links on our website. Respecting these new privacy regulations helps Blis serve as a trusted partner, both for our clients and consumers. 


We’re also registered on the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework’s Global Vendor List. The IAB’s framework aims to help companies in the digital advertising ecosystem ensure they comply with GDPR when processing personal data or accessing personal data on consumer devices. To ensure compliance, the Blis DSP reads user consent preferences and applies them as they come through the bid request.



Blis Blockchain: unlocking the data ‘black box’ with full transparency

An industry-first, Blis is bringing a new level of data transparency and data confidence, with the Blis Blockchain, powered by IBM. In an industry plagued with bad data, understanding where data used in your campaigns has come from can be tricky or even obscured.

To combat this, Blis gives you access to accurate and detailed insight into the sources of the data used in your campaigns, using advanced blockchain technology built in partnership with IBM.

Through this technology, we audit how the data has been collected and the audience segment makeup in a way that leaves a clear audit trail, providing transparency over campaign delivery whilst protecting confidential data.

Importantly, Blis Blockchain gives you peace of mind.

You can even see the Blis Blockchain brought to life in our Smart Platform blockchain visualiser or you can deep dive into the segment makeup using the dashboard view.

See your campaigns in action with platform access

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, Blis wants every client to be able to lift the lid on their campaigns. With Blis, you can access our location-verified data, campaign planning and measurement analytics without having to change the way you brief, book or buy with Blis today. Whether you are a programmatic or full-service client, we’ll give you access to our Smart Platform to:
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Visualise how Blis’ proprietary technologies, Smart Pin and Smart Scale, power your audience and location targeting strategies

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Build bespoke location audiences through Blis’ proprietary POI geofencing tools

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Monitor your live campaign activity and optimisation strategies

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Generate high-level delivery and performance reporting analytics

Start driving results today
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