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The Blis Platform delivers actionable, location intelligence with unmatched accuracy, scale and transparency at its core – all without relying on personal data. Derived from vast quantities of mobile location data, combined with rich, anonymised third-party signals, the platform provides valuable insights and precision targeting that delivers quantifiable results up and down the funnel using a variety of targeting strategies.

Audience Explorer

privacy-first planning technology

When our clients experience our visual and interactive real-world planning tool, Audience Explorer from their web browser, it looks slick and simple. But there’s a lot going on under the hood, enabling us to deliver powerful insights about your unique audiences so you can build richer media plans.

Here’s how we do it:


Identify your seed audience by collecting the consented device IDs of the customers we see in your stores or locations. We can also ingest your consented 1st-party client data to create the seed audience.


Enrich our audiences with a wide variety of aggregated and anonymised 3rd-party data from sociodemographic data to housing data, Mastercard shopping data, telco data and many more, giving us a truly holistic understanding of your audience.


Map this audience back to their residential postcode areas using our proprietary home resolver technology


Target without relying on personal data by using intelligent affinity modelling and pattern recognition
to reach audiences at the right place, publisher and time.

Our dynamic targeting technology uniquely
puts the audience first

Once you’ve built your privacy-first audiences, you can activate them right in our platform to
deliver better outcomes at scale. In fact, no one else targets audiences the way we do. Using our
future-proofed technology, we use machine learning to apply a constantly changing set of targeting rules to make buying decisions on each and every opportunity we see, giving us the best of both worlds
– performance and personalisation, without relying on personal data.

Our location tech

Our proprietary location technology is tried and tested – our clients have confidence in our data accuracy and trust us to perform. Location tech helps us deliver the most accurate scaled audiences based on valuable location data.

Smart Pin

The first line of defence

Detects, cleanses and eliminates fraudulent location data via a multi-stage filtration process, which rejects about 80% of the data we take in, ensuring the highest quality data.

Smart Scale

Global scale & reach

Our unique Wi-Fi scaling technology identifies and stores relationships between Wi-Fi IP addresses and specific locations, such as airports or shopping malls, to give you targeting accuracy at scale.

Smart Places

Home to over 100m global locations

We work with leading partners like Here, Google and Open Street Maps, creating a robust points of interest (POI) database in over 70 markets.

Blis’ robust technology gives us as close to accurate audience data as possible

Niddhi Shetty
Associate Director – Digital Planning

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