Excess vs. Exercise: US, UK & Australia Infographic

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Excess vs. Exercise: US, UK & Australia
Alex Wright
Alex Wright

New Year, New You?

Perhaps, but it depends where you are…

Search behaviour is the first step in the purchase journey for many. It can be a good indicator of interest, consideration or even intent, but until that translates into actual behaviour – as evidenced by footfall – that means the purchase journey (in most cases) remains incomplete.

In this infographic, we use Blis’ analytics tool, Smart Trends to look at US, UK & Australia’s real-world behaviours during the Christmas and New year period to see how resolute those ‘resolutions’ really are.

Click here to download the infographic.

Excess vs Exercise_US-UK-AUS_ Blis_Image

Alex Wright

Alex Wright

Head of Insight | Blis Alex has spent a decade working in insight roles across a diverse range of media owners in radio, print and cinema, and most recently at OMD International where he was the EMEA Insight Lead on the Google account. Alex uses this perspective to understand the role mobile location data can play in audience profiling.