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About us

Location data is the most accurate indicator of ’real’ behaviour and intent at scale vs any other type of data. That’s why Blis analyses vast quantities of mobile location data, mapping real, human behaviour to help brands understand, reach and engage consumers around the world, delivering measurable results. 

We do this using Blis’ proprietary Smart Platform, which filters, scales and analyses mobile location data based on where people are and where they’ve been. Blis enables more effective planning, activation and measurement for marketers and business decision-makers alike, fuelling the next generation of insight-driven marketing. Our clients trust the combination of our advanced proprietary technology and strategic expertise to drive results.

Transparency is central to the Blis business and we’re committed to adhering to the rigorous standards of GDPR and CCPA. We’ve also built a Blockchain solution in partnership with IBM and provide transparent client access to our platform.


Blis vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the way businesses use data to understand people and places. At Blis, this starts with having the most accurate and transparent data, the most measurable results, the most actionable analytics and insights and the broadest and deepest data sets. Today we process over 100,000 locations per second and reach over one billion devices a year – that’s one-seventh of the world’s population… and counting!

Why Blis?

The world’s largest and most customer-centric brands trust Blis to help them:

Deliver measurable brand engagement and sales uplift, both by targeting consumers out and about and entire households.

Identify marketing challenges, gain competitive advantage and make smarter business decisions.

Achieve mass personalisation at scale, thanks to our proprietary technologies Smart Pin, Smart Scale, Smart Places and Smart Households.

Leadership – our executive team

Blis’ Executive Team are also globally battle tested – meet them here:
greg isbister

Greg Isbister

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron McKee
Chief Technology Officer
Diane Perlman
Chief Marketing Officer
Parm Dhami
Chief Finance Officer
Dave King, Global Commercial Officer
Dave King
Global Commercial Officer

Industry recognised

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve been fortunate to receive global industry recognition for best use of location data, ad effectiveness, most effectivity proximity campaigns, programmatic, lead generation and brand awareness, among others.
In addition to industry awards, we’ve also received accolades for our company growth and being one of the best places to work.

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