I've finally worked out what was on my mind from MWC

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I’ve finally worked out what was on my mind from MWC
Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson

It’s been a couple of weeks since MWC and having had the time to properly digest it I have to say I really enjoyed this years’ show. Bigger than ever, better organised than ever etc. But I do wish the on-site catering was better – perhaps I shall import a DMEXCO-style bratwurst stand to hall 8.1 next year.

What really impressed me though was the sheer range and depth of what is coming up in the entire mobile ecosystem. And getting out of Hall 8.1 was a revelation and it’s a good analogy for mobile advertising full stop.

We spend an inordinate amount of time navel-gazing to be honest. We tie ourselves up in knots on ever more arcane metrics, worry about viewability vendors SDK footprint, haggle with rich media vendors and sometimes it takes something like MWC to force us to get out of the trenches and look at what we are trying to achieve.

Which is to serve the most appropriate ad to the most appropriate person at the best possible time to change user behaviour. We can’t do any of this without data though given that advertising with the rise of programmatic has become a science not an art form. There is about to be an explosion in the amount of data consumers generate – IoT, drones, wearables, medtech, proptech – all about to turbo charge the data opportunities for adtech.

And whilst privacy and GDPR will (rightly) come into play here, the age-old data monetisation challenge remains: how to best monetise data assets to maximise the price and minimise the data leakage. Currently many companies, Blis included, do this via Private Exchanges – a great way to present curated data and media in a single package to a buyer. However, this feels like my first MWC – a version one product and I am looking forward to driving our roadmap forward to ingest many more data sources and exploring new ways to monetise via what our Private Exchange has effectively become – a vehicle. This isn’t about building faster horses any more. It’s about building a rocket ship.

My favourite stand this year was downstairs in Hall 8.0. Next year I hope the folks from “Drones n’ Bass” are back. I am sure they’ll have some interesting data and I look forward to adding this to my Private Exchange rocket.

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson

VP, Monetisation | Blis Dan’s role is centred on building the leading global Exchange for qualified location-enabled media. He brings significant mobile adtech experience to Blis having previously held senior positions at both PubMatic and Amobee. Dan started his career in product management before moving into programmatic trading.