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Let’s Leave Christmas in July to the Pros
Craig Miller
Craig Miller

Amazon Prime Day came and went with a lot of fanfare — while the company generated massive sales, it also experienced massive outages (some say this cost Amazon somewhere shy of $100MM in revenue). It isn’t a great look when an online retailer can’t provide online retail.

In true fashion, however, a number of brands and retailers rode on Amazon’s coattails, pushing their own Prime Day sales in an effort to capitalize on the consumer mania of a well-timed exclusive deal. While these holiday-sequences promotions may seem like a good idea, they’re retailers’ desperate attempt to grab a share of the giant’s massive pie. With the available technology today, you can drive customers in-store with a much more targeted, measured and relevant approach.

Start by doubling down on your mobile strategy. Summer is for easy living and travel; it’s reasonable to think that the reported 10+ hours a day that Americans spend on their mobile could rise during warmer months. Reaching mobile phone browsers with relevant deals anywhere they are—at the beach, in transit, etc.—can be a more efficient strategy to drive consumers in-store than an offer to buy an Instant Pot that could likely go unused. Take into account how they got to where they are, what content they are consuming and where they might be headed next.

Rethink your re-targeting strategy, too, as shoppers tend to linger a bit longer in-store (especially if it’s a hot day). Our most recent research study found that consumers actually do most of their product discovery in-store nowadays, which increases the likelihood of a potential customer open to being served an ad once back home and clicking buy.

At the end of the day, smart marketers know best that one-off flash sales are just that, one-offs. Taking care to understand your customer and deliver well-timed offers in a contextually relevant environment can be much more impactful to your bottom line.

Besides, no one does Christmas like July better than Hallmark Channel, so let’s agree to leave the holiday where it belongs: on television.

Craig Miller

Craig Miller

Regional Vice President, East | Blis Craig has 10+ years in advertising sales. He is currently responsible for managing East Coast Sales at Blis which includes the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, NYC and Boston.