Blis | Recap of eMarketer’s Location Intelligence 2018 Report

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Recap of eMarketer’s Location Intelligence 2018 Report
Jamie Crespi
Jamie Crespi

Today eMarketer launched a new report titled Location Intelligence 2018: Consumer Behavior, Data Quality and Targeting Tips that we were thrilled to contribute to.

The report analyzes consumer attitudes toward location data, its quality and how marketers can effectively integrate that information into their marketing campaigns.

Some top take always include:

  1. Consumers have become comfortable sharing location data, but they are also more choosey about when they share data. Consumers have also become more confident in demanding value in exchange for opting into location tracking, prompting many marketers to better explain how that data will be used.
  2. Compared with two years ago, marketers better understand the magnitude of the data-quality problem but need to work to distinguish the difference between “inaccuracy” and “imprecision.” The former is wrong data, but the latter can be used under some circumstances.
  3. As marketers become more savvy about the sources and quality of data, their location targeting will become better. Seven ways to tame location data include:
    -Investigate the data quality
    -Use location data only when it adds relevance to the message
    -Know what you want to achieve with the data
    -Use polygons for geofencing and trade areas
    -Think about the best moment to send a message
    -Think about movement
    -Look beyond the current context
  4. Check out the report here to dive into the details.

    Jamie Crespi

    Jamie Crespi

    VP Marketing, Americas | Blis Jamie is responsible for leading the US marketing efforts by providing creative market planning and execution that maps to the sales and product strategy. She is responsible for all client and prospect marketing communication in North America and working hand in hand with the US sales team to drive revenue.