Blis | Partner Spotlight: Tap(ad)ing into Personalization

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Partner Spotlight: Tap(ad)ing into Personalization
Jamie Crespi
Jamie Crespi

If there’s one thing we know here at Blis, it’s that everyone is an individual and there is no way we can treat devices, or their users as one, homogenous group. Being able to accurately identify users, their devices and subsequently infer the best methods of engagement is fundamental to us, and the success of our campaigns. And it is for this reason that I am delighted to announce that we have completed the first stage of our Cross Device integration with Tapad. Tapad leads the way in combining device data with behavioral signals to offer unparalleled marketing insights, and our partnership with them will allow us to further our aim to provide granular pictures of consumers at scale as individuals.

The consumer path to purchase is still evolving with today’s consumers switching from in-store to mobile and desktop devices. Being able to track the individual as they travel between devices allows brands and marketers to serve up campaigns and engage with their changing behaviors and needs to improve conversion.

The ability to target consumers at each and every stage of their path is increasingly a necessity for brands and this multi-stage project will allow us to upgrade our Audience Profiling product suite to do just that. The ability to see cross-device data will add significant power to amplify both the reach and efficacy of campaigns to reach new devices, for example, desktop, and a new publisher base. This will obviously bring immediate benefits to our customers and campaigns in the short term but, further ahead, I would expect this to fuel increasing engagement as we grow our relationship and wealth of web traffic.

We’re genuinely delighted to announce this relationship, as well as the benefits it will afford our community – the ability to access and cross-reference diverse devices to map relationships between them will open up new audiences and new channels across which to amplify campaigns. Equally, mapping and reporting campaign performance across multiple devices will offer a much more granular perspective of the path to purchase.

In the short term, Cross Device Targeting will be available to all users of Managed Media & Self Serve, while the next stage of integration will see web traffic introduce to Private Exchange too.

This extensive project is a testament to the skill and the vision of Blis globally. Our commitment to the provision of accurate and holistic, data-informed view of consumers, connecting the dots between different marketing platforms, including TV, desktop, mobile, and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) to allow brands to reach them in the right context and at the right time has driven this project and will continue to drive future investments and integrations in the same way.

Jamie Crespi

Jamie Crespi

VP Marketing, Americas | Blis Jamie is responsible for leading the US marketing efforts by providing creative market planning and execution that maps to the sales and product strategy. She is responsible for all client and prospect marketing communication in North America and working hand in hand with the US sales team to drive revenue.