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The Future is Voting – Blis Joins Forces with Headcount
Nathaniel John-Grose
Nathaniel John-Grose

Headcount is an organization that uses music to encourage voter registration. By staging registration drives at concerts for acts from the Dixie Chicks to Jay-Z, Headcount has driven more than a half-million registrations since 2004. The group’s success is based on a powerful collaboration between musicians, promoters and volunteers, which allows them to gain access to a diverse set of potential voters.

Skeptical about how well music and democracy can work together? It can be incredibly powerful: Taylor Swift asked her 112 million Instagram follower to register to vote, and over the next 48 hours, 240,000 did.

With so many important midterm elections just around the corner, Headcount is gearing up for a busy final month and is working toward Taylor Swift-level results. The group is targeting young people and college campuses in states with hotly contested congressional races. Although the number of young people voting has increased over the years, older voters are still more likely to vote than younger generations, and Headcount may have the power to tip those scales.

To help drive voter registration, Blis has partnered with to activate more young voters and get them to the polls. Voter registration began closing in some states on September 25 and ends by mid-October on a rolling basis.

So how are we helping, exactly? Using location intelligence, we’re able to help Headcount reach its audience at college campuses, like the University of Texas and Ohio State, as well as individuals in states with competitive congressional races with #TheFutureIsVoting message and calls to action that drive either to a registration link or directions to their nearest polling place.

We’re excited about the work we’re doing with Headcount and their agency partner Crossmedia, and we’re looking forward to seeing the numbers behind the impact. While it’s difficult to achieve the single-tweet impact of TayTay or Kanye, we working to get more of America to use their voices and take part in our democracy.

Nathaniel John-Grose

Nathaniel John-Grose

leads the West Coast for Blis, based in Los Angeles, and has 10+ years experience in mobile advertising. He works with top brands across retail, consumer electronics, and CPG, as well as the nation's top universities.