The Importance Of Transparency Across The Programmatic Buying Ecosystem

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The Importance Of Transparency Across The Programmatic Buying Ecosystem
George Spencer
George Spencer

Long before the GDPR took effect there has been an increasing demand for more transparency within the ad tech industry.

The GDPR requires all vendors to gain consent from their users in order to use their data, but the consent does not stop there. The IAB’s ads.txt initiative provides the framework for publishers to give consent as to which sellers, both direct and programmatic, are authorised to sell or resell their inventory.

Not only does this bring more transparency and control to publishers regarding who can and can’t sell their inventory, but it also provides a solution to counter fraudulent inventory by reducing domain spoofing. Legitimate publishers are missing out on revenue and advertisers are delivering on low quality, and sometimes even fraudulent inventory.

Blis has committed to providing transparency across the programmatic buying ecosystem and fully support initiatives such as the ads.txt framework.

We are encouraging all the SSPs we work with to ensure their publishers start using ads.txt, and soon we will be blocking unauthorised requests from non-certified suppliers.

Whilst the industry has made steady progress in the desktop and mobile web space, there is still some way to go when looking in particular at in-app inventory. We are looking forward to the IAB’s finalised specification of ads.txt for in-app inventory and will be adopting it with a matter of urgency, in our efforts to increase trust and transparency for advertisers.

As long-standing IAB members in the UK, Australia, Dubai, US, Singapore and Germany, we appreciate the IAB’s continued effort in driving more transparency and trust within the ad tech industry.

George Spencer

George Spencer

Product Executive | Blis George works predominantly on the core product and manages the development of Blis' proprietary insights & planning tool, Smart Trends. Prior to Blis, George worked at Criteo in London as an Account Strategist, working closely with large eCommerce clients. Outside of work George enjoys running, ski touring and collecting records.