Blis and 1830Media Partnership Offers Advanced Location-Based Advertising Solutions To Brands In The Caribbean

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New York, 9th June 2017

Blis, the global pioneer in advanced location data technology, is collaborating with 1830Media to offer brands in the Caribbean the chance to execute sophisticated ad campaigns based on advanced location data.

Blis’ range of advanced location technologies will be available through 1830Media to brands in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica, three markets with a lucrative above-average mobile use among consumers, according to Facebook.

“We have high hopes for our partnership with 1830Media in the emerging Caribbean marketplace,” said Paul Thompson, VP of Blis. “We are seeing huge interest in our innovative solutions from this mobile-driven region which also benefits from the strong presence of many of the world’s leading media agencies.”

Through 1830Media, brands can use Blis’ technology to target consumers in real-time with location data. Alternatively, consumers can be retargeted later using anonymised device IDs, ensuring that messages are only delivered when users are most receptive. By teaming up with regional media leaders, Blis aims to support an increasing number of brands eager to reach audiences in established and emerging markets.

“1830Media has a solid foundation in Puerto Rico built on a portfolio of successful digital ventures and strong links across the region,” commented Jose Villares, co-founder of 1830Media. “2017 has seen Puerto Rico embrace programmatic, led by location data and a mobile-first attitude, so our collaboration with Blis could not come at a better time.”

The partnership between Blis and 1830Media is one of a series around the world to meet a growing global demand for mobile-first, location-led advertising campaigns. The partnership originates from a prior collaboration between JumpStart Digital (sister company to 1830Media) and Blis for its client Walmart in Puerto Rico since 2015.

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