Blis breaks the mould with its new company video

“Sure I’d be happy to appear in our new company video”.

Famous last words… Little did our CEO, Greg Isbister, know quite what the marketing team had in mind. Instead of the usual serious corporate video with a CEO talking directly to the camera about how great the company is, how its solutions are the best in market and so on and so forth, we wanted to do something a bit different. 

So we’ve put Greg in Death Valley, the driest place on Earth. Well, not literally… we wouldn’t leave him in a scorching hot desert just to prove a point. This is an extreme metaphor for the data drought that brands trying to reach their audiences will face over the coming years. And, spoiler alert, Greg manages to escape…

Find out how Greg went from sweltering in the desert to chilling on a sunny beach, with a little help from our new interactive solution, Audience Explorer… and a camel. 

After watching the video, hopefully, you’ll agree that with Blis, privacy-first personalised advertising doesn’t have to be a mirage.

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