Blis’ iOS 14.5 tracker is live!

The changes to Apple’s iOS 14.5 and it’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, are rocking the industry, with Apple now requiring publishers to proactively gain permission from consumers to collect their app data for tracking. This is a great news for consumer privacy, which we applaud, but for those in the industry who aren’t prepared for the changes, this is a precarious time, indeed. 

Blis began tracking the impact of this when the new OS was released earlier in May. Since then, our stats have garnered global press interest, so we wanted to make our iOS 14.5 adoption and opt-in stats available to everyone, by creating a handy tracker that’s updated daily.

As of 12th May, Blis is seeing 34% of people globally opting in to share their data at the ATT pop up prompt. The remaining 66% represents consumers who haven’t yet received the ATT pop up yet or consumers who have opted out of letting an app track their personal data. 

Check out our interactive tracker to see the differences in opt-in rates by markets globally, varying from a current low of 11% opt-in rates in Sweden to a high of 57% in Germany, according to the latest stats. 

It’s important to note that Blis and our clients are in a strong position, as we have invested heavily over the past 18 months to ensure our platform can continue to reach audiences at scale without relying on identities or personal data.

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