Blis launches playbook – Preparing for a privacy-first world: your personal guide to getting

No-nonsense survival guide to help brand marketers and agencies navigate potential solutions and ‘perfect storm’ of change

LONDON 12th April 2021: Today, Blis, the pioneer of privacy-first location-powered advertising, announces the launch of its new playbook, ‘Preparing for a privacy-first world: your personal guide to getting impersonal’. This educational playbook complements the company’s global ‘It’s nothing personal’ ad campaign launching today, to create awareness about the need for a privacy-first approach.

Changes to IDFAs and cookies will fundamentally affect every part of the campaign cycle, from planning through to activation and measurement. A recent Blis study found that 78% of brands and agencies were concerned or very concerned about the disappearance of cookies, while 61% were concerned or very concerned about the reduction of IDFAs. 

To help brand marketers and agencies navigate the changes, Blis created a guide that outlines the range of potential solutions.  It highlights five ‘top tips’ to survive and thrive in this new landscape, encouraging marketers to avoid putting all their eggs in one basket, innovate instead of imitate, stay flexible and focus on scale and measurement and .

Diane Perlman, Chief Marketing Officer, Blis comments: “There has rarely been a more interesting and dynamic time to be in our industry. The impending data drought brought on by a reduction in personal identifiers by the tech giants and privacy regulations will impact the way we plan, buy and run media campaigns. It also offers all of us the opportunity to find innovative solutions to contribute to a new and improved digital ad ecosystem. Not only is Blis a pioneer in this area, but also we want to help our clients better understand the landscape and be armed with the right information and questions to ask. That’s what this new playbook sets out to do.” 

The playbook is published following the recent launch of Blis’ new privacy-first suite of products, which enables the world’s largest brands and agencies to target their customers at scale in the post-cookie world and still achieve key outcomes. Audience Explorer is a visual, interactive tool that helps brands discover what makes their customers unique, build richer media plans and deliver better outcomes. Dynamic Audience Targeting allows advertisers to reach personalised audiences at scale, using a variety of rich, anonymised signals, from lifestyle characteristics and affinities through to shopping and spending habits – all without reliance on personal data. 

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