Blis Partners with Netcom to Open Up Location Advertising Opportunity for Brands in Latin America

Blis, the global pioneer in advanced location data technology, has formed a strategic partnership with leading Latin American media specialist, Netcom. This partnership will enable
Blis’ industry leading, mobile location based advertising products and services, to be available
in Latin American and Caribbean media markets for the first time. The partnership will also help
Blis service its growing roster of global clients and agency networks looking to target South &
Central American audiences.

Netcom, based in Montevideo, has around 20 years’ experience in the market, having initially emerged in 1996 as a
business specialising in outdoor advertising. Since then the company has grown and diversified
its client base and services as well as its territorial footprint and today, Netcom has presence in
10 markets across LATAM.

In Latam, mobile is growing exponentially and is the gateway to the internet for the many.
Recent research from eMarketer estimates that there is over 50 percent smartphone penetration
across the region and 71 percent of those users access the internet from their smartphone

Harry Dewhirst, President of Blis, commented: “Like all markets, location is the bridge that
connects the digital and the real world. We are proud to partner with a market leading
company in the region like Netcom, and look forward to helping them unlock the power of the Blis location
platform for brands throughout the continent”.

With Blis location technology, it is possible to target people around OOH sites, or any other
place of interest, e.g. shopping mall or sports stadium, where a device can be tracked by
geofencing. Those anonymous device IDs can then be stored and used to retarget
users at a later time when the user might be more receptive to advertising. Mobile is also an excellent
partner to enhance TV reach & frequency.

“Considering smartphone penetration in Latam and the future projections, we believe there is a
huge potential for mobile advertising and the channel is growing constantly for Digital
Advertisers,” said Diego Fabregas, Director at Netcom.

“Moreover, we have no doubt about the educational work ahead and Blis provides the
necessary technology to target audiences in specific places at the right moments, focusing
exclusively on relevance for the advertisers and endusers. By using patterns of location
behaviors, Blis understands better the interests of consumers, and how to use that information
the right way for advertisers,”added Fabregas.

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