Blis prepare for GDPR and join Global Vendor List for IAB Europe’s Transparency Consent Framework

With the GDPR coming in effect on the 25th May, the digital advertising industry are busy working to implement and adhere to the required protocols.

In light of the above, IAB Europe introduced their GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework last month. The framework aims to help parties within the digital advertising chain ensure they comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation when processing personal data or accessing both non-personal and personal data across devices.

We are pleased to announce Blis’ official registration of BlisMedia Ltd on the IAB Europe’s Global Vendor List and showcases Blis’ commitment to working with the IAB Transparency and Consent when it comes to compliancy.

The Vendor List enables all third parties vendors, either processing or controlling personal data, to provide a uniform framework for Consent Management Platforms to adhere to. The list provides a central and standardised repository for publishers to communicate as to which vendors can access individual consumer data records.

The Global Vendor List allows vendors to publicly declare:

  1. Who they are
  2. What data they collect
  3. What ‘purpose’ they collect or use the data for
  4. What legal basis they rely on to use the data

Being registered as part of the Global Vendor List enables Blis to uphold the framework policy, offering full transparency in Blis’ approach to GDPR compliance.

GDPR is a top priority for Blis, and we are continuing to ensure a seamless transition to compliance across all of our key partnerships.

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