Q&A Client Spotlight: 160over90

In conjunction with the launch of our new white paper, “Driving In-Store Traffic & Purchases through Digital Channels” we interviewed our participating client, 160over90 for their opinions on the subject. For more content on how retailers are utilizing location data to drive customers in-store, download our white paper.

1. Based on your experience, how are retailers succeeding in using digital channels to drive in-store sales? What are their greatest pain points?

As the lines between digital and traditional marketing continue to blur, we are creating digital engagement strategies that target consumers at the right places, at the right moments, with the right messages to create meaningful connections and drive conversions. We use digital channels to drive both impulse purchases (e.g., retail sales) as well as more considered purchases (e.g., program memberships, college enrollments). In both cases, we are also making sure the full funnel marketing plan is working together off of the same data sets. 


The greatest pain point is an industry-wide pain, and that’s attribution. While we are getting closer to tracking the full consumer lifecycle, there is a void or lack of attribution of consumers who are impacted by digital, social and programmatic when we can’t track down to in-store purchase. Most often, a legacy enterprise POS system is the problem. To combat this at 160over90, we recommend supplementary technologies as well as redemption incentives that allow us more visibility to completion.

2. We’re interested in how retailers are leveraging location data to increase in-store footfall. Could you tell us about your experiences in that area?

Geo-targeting has been a key element of reaching consumers at the right time. And when paired with retargeting with messaging that shows the brand’s value proposition, we are seeing a greater connection to driving consumers into stores and to e-commerce. It takes a village with agencies, stakeholders and clients all working toward a singular goal, but when we are all strategizing together we are able to yield greater reward.

3. Retail industry leaders will read our report to learn more about these subjects specifically. They’re at all different stages of adoption and they might not know what to do next. What’s your message to them?

The only way to achieve precision with digital marketing is to test and measure often. With that, don’t be risk adverse. Digital is dependent on bold moves to stand out in a sea of sameness — especially to move consumers in-store. Also, make sure your digital elements are maximizing the relationship that you are building with your consumer online to move them in-store. As the in-store experience itself is evolving, the strategies to drive consumers into the store to see what’s new, fresh and changed are more imperative than ever. Start by looking at your consumer journey holistically with your agencies and allow each to build off one another for a full funnel plan. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The rate of change in the digital media landscape is already exponential. Couple this with consumer privacy concerns and individual platforms constantly changing their policies and programs, and there really are no ‘stupid questions.’ Work with an expert, and seek absolute clarity in the process.


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