Client Spotlight: Q&A with Cardinal

Richard Briddock, VP of Paid Media and Analytics at Cardinal.

Question 1: How long have you been at Cardinal, and what is your role?

4 years – VP of Paid Media and Analytics

Question 2: How does Cardinal help solve marketer challenges?

Cardinal is an Atlanta-based boutique agency that specializes in sales generation and customer acquisition by helping marketers transition from front-end digital metrics, or web leads generated, to actual customer acquisition. We do this by tying into customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and passing that data back to digital marketing platforms such as AdWords, Bing, DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), and Facebook. Because Cardinal is a small agency comprised of digital experts with 80+ years of combined experience, we focus on becoming extensions of our clients’ internal marketing teams, which is why a large portion of our client concentration is focused locally, in Atlanta. As an extension of our clients, we ensure that they are exposed to the newest and best digital strategies for driving increased customer volume and improving acquisition costs.

Question 3: What drew you to working with Blis, and how does the relationship benefit your brand clients?

For QSRs that have their transactions predominantly take place in the store, a void in tracking customer volume and acquisition exists. Measuring the return on ad expenditures becomes more of an art than a science. This is where Blis helps, allowing us to tie ad exposures back to customers walking into a location. Because the conversion rates between someone who walks into a QSR and someone who makes a purchase is so high, the tie-in ability is particularly beneficial. Through Blis, we can safely attribute estimated revenue to the devices that Blis is able to track in the store.

Question 4: What is an example of a great use case for Cardinal and Blis?

As mentioned above, QSRs or other brick-and-mortar retailers which mainly have in-store transactions make great use cases for Blis’s and Cardinal’s services. This is particularly true when a retailer either has no loyalty program or a fledgling loyalty program that is only used by a small percentage of consumers. Loyalty programs are another way for businesses to tie in-store revenue back to digital media through offline conversion uploads. Blis’s unique benefit is in its control vs. exposed methodology when running campaigns: the control group is not exposed to the ad while the exposed group is. By comparing the results of the two groups, we can see how our target audience segment who sees the ad behaves differently to our target audience segment who does not.

Question 5: If a client was hesitant about using location data, what would you say?

Location data should not be viewed differently from any other data collected for advertising and marketing purposes; it must simply be used responsibly. Like with other advertising data, the goal is to deliver a more relevant and timely message to the consumer, which should be viewed as a positive thing. By using location data, our main objective is to help consumers be well-informed of their options in the moment they are ready to take action.

Question 6: What are common questions you get from clients about using location data and how do you respond?

The most common questions we receive are how accurate the data is and at what level we can target consumers. We generally respond that consumers can be targeted down to a specific brick-and-mortar location. Through Blis, we can tell whether a device is within the target location or just outside, ensuring that we avoid targeting people who are in the generalized area, but not visiting the specified locale.

Question 7: If there was one piece of content you think every marketer should read, what is it?

(Other than this blog post of course!) Without being cliché, Ogilvy on Advertising. Modern day marketers can easily get caught up in the minutia of targeting, segmenting, delivery, and attribution so that the core tenets of marketing are easily forgotten.

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