Creating the perfect match between video and physical metrics.

Is it love you’re after? Or just a good time?

Video can consume you and bring you into a brand’s world. When used properly it can be an extremely powerful love potion for brands to engage with consumers. As one of the fastest- growing formats for mobile it’s only going to get bigger and better.

Picking the perfect date

Serving video advertising is a matter of time and space, you can find the right physical space but the digital environment may be lacking. Take a football stadium with poor 3G coverage, this is the perfect location to find an audience for a sports retailer, but serving a video here is a wasted effort (unless the match is an exceptionally dull one!).

Instead, we believe that this is the perfect physical space to identify your target audience – for example members of the crowd who are males, aged 18-44, and whose historical behaviour shows an interest in sport and fitness locations. Once this audience has been identified and collected, they can be retargeted at a time when they are most likely to be receptive to your video advertising.

Home is where the heart is

94 percent of people consume mobile video when at home compared to 51 percent of people who consumed on-the-go, this echoes our experience at Blis which suggests long-dwell time locations and good connectivity make for great advertising performance. Let’s be honest – we are not going to watch 30 second video when we’re on the go, we may see 8 seconds’ max, but if we’re in a more receptive state due to our environment we are more likely to view the entire video. Even a good TV show can’t be a distraction, with 64 percent of users watch mobile video whilst watching TV!

Taking it slow

The market is moving towards buying audiences rather than content, take ad blocking for example – consumers are calling for more relevant advertising and advertisers are responding with better targeting.

Video requires a different mindset to other formats, it evokes more emotional than other formats, it needs time (like all good relationships do) and you need to have a strong connection. Display is a much more snackable form of media – it’s made for people on the go and is a much more familiar format to audiences.

Putting a ring on it

When it comes to video, how can we measure engagement? A high completion rate, a high number of clicks? What about measuring consumer real-world behaviour, such as how viewing this video had an impact on store footfall.

The biggest impact we can provide as marketers is to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical worlds, and encourage audiences to view videos and then go to store. To do this we need to keep context front of mind – think long-dwell time locations, cross device opportunities and reliable connectivity. You want your audience to be in the right mindset to show brands some love with your advertising.

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