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Demographics are only one aspect of mobile marketing
Tom Brydon
Tom Brydon

As part of our recent partnership with Supplier Community, Blis is launching a six-part video blog series to help educate shopper marketers on the value of location data. Follow along with our subject matter expert Tom Brydon as we discuss everything from data transparency to optimization to bridging the physical and digital worlds for shopper marketers.

Demographics play an important part in executing a shopper marketing campaign, but additional layers of data – including HHI, location data, app ownership – can make campaigns much more targeted and emotionally effective for shoppers. In this video, Tom Brydon explains how adding those extra layers can make ad campaigns much more relevant to your target shopper and, as a result, more powerful for marketers.

Video topics include:
  • Going beyond demographics
  • Taking consumer insights to new levels
  • Connecting with your target shopper

Stay tuned for next week’s video discussing why foot traffic is such a powerful metric for shopper marketers.

Tom Brydon

Tom Brydon

Tom has worked in digital marketing for over 8 years, both in the UK and USA. He is passionate about utilizing technology to connect with shoppers and drive measurable outcomes for his clients.