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Eyebrow-raising ExchangeWire TraderTalk with Blis’ Amy Fox

“In a world where everyone opted into cookies and drove amazing scale and performance… that’s now under threat;” cautioned Amy Fox, our VP of Product on today’s ExchangeWire TraderTalk. In conversation at the white board with ExchangeWire Founder & CEO Ciaran O’Kane, Amy touches on some crucial and defining issues for the industry, and poses some challenging questions: is the industry doing enough? She doesn’t think so. Neither does Ciaran. 

It’s a 30-minute session, but well worth the time to watch, as Amy explains while she draws easy-to-understand visuals illuminating the state of the diminishing ID world, the alternatives out there and what’s essential for data viability, while answering Ciaran’s provocative questions. She also breaks down Blis’ dynamic targeting methodology and explains how Blis can help brands and agencies reach 100% of their audiences today at scale. 

“Is the industry doing enough? I don’t think so… the industry needs to be bigger, bolder, braver.” Amy Fox, Blis VP of Product

Watch the video here and if you’d like to learn more or get a demo of Audience Explorer, our privacy-first planning tool, book a trial today.

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Eyebrow-raising ExchangeWire TraderTalk with Blis’ Amy Fox
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