Get real with Blis: the wrap-up

And that’s a wrap on our Get real with Blis education week. 

As we’ve seen this week, consumers today are living more of their lives on smartphones. In a world of such curation, this creates a challenge for businesses in terms of how to truly understand and connect with audiences. Consumers often portray online the life they would like to lead, rather than the life they live in the real world, leaving brands to take all their cues from online data. Blis specialises in understanding real, human behaviour by analysing vast quantities of location data. By mapping real life, we get a more authentic view of consumer behaviour and specifically purchase intent. 

Although essentially, location data is just the raw input that the Blis Smart Platform uses to generate real-world intelligence. It is only by cleansing, scaling and analysing raw location data that we can provide greater analysis and insights to understand real-life human behaviour and drive real results. 

Our real-world intelligence white paper, in partnership with WBR, Real-world intelligence: mapping human behaviour to effective mobile marketing found that 59% of Indian marketers surveyed were keen to explore location-based mobile data, noting that it provided the ‘most responsive audience’. According to the survey results, 57% of respondents said that difficulty evidencing ROI was their main challenge when using location-based data. However, proving ROI without this valuable data may prove even more complicated. Location-based data offers a host of new data points which will allow retailers to disentangle what is influencing a purchase.

For example, MasterCard India was seeking to increase international and domestic travel spend from their affluent business and leisure traveller cardholders during the holiday season. Their goal was to drive qualified leads to their summer travel landing page to learn more. We worked with them to target airport lounges, four and five-star hotels and affluent neighbourhoods to increase summer travel spend on the card.

Devices seen in the key target locations were retargeted later with engaging creative, encouraging consumers to click to find out more and consider spending with their MasterCard. Blis also targeted cross-device on mobile, tablet and desktop. And the results speak for themselves. Over the course of the campaign, we delivered 65,000 qualified leads to a dedicated landing page with an average CTR of 2.32%.

These results are underpinned by accurate and transparent data. At a time when clients are looking for more accountability from their technology partners and increased transparency for their digital activity, the integrity of the data is key. As mentioned this week, the Blis Smart Pin filters over 80% of incoming data, providing only the highest quality to our customers. We set our standards high because we believe that better quality data yields better results. 

With more consumers taking ownership of their personal data it’s imperative that businesses prioritise what’s important to their consumers. Privacy is crucial, but relevance, accessibility, convenience, and delight are also expected. Brands that listen to their audience and understand the difference between what they say and what they actually do in real-life will succeed. 

Throughout this week we’ve covered how you can address some of these important topics and incorporate real-world intelligence into your marketing strategy. 

Day 1 – Real-world intelligence 101

Day 2 – Data accuracy and assurance

Day 3 – Transparency

Day 4 – Blockchain

So how can Blis help you?

The Blis Smart Platform delivers real-world, actionable intelligence with unmatched accuracy and scale – helping us reach 1/7th of the world’s population last year alone. Using our accurate real-world intelligence, we can help you plan, activate and measure campaigns that deliver real results. 

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