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How Max Factor achieved an overall ROI uplift of 22%, 50% higher than the benchmark


Coty is a world leader in beauty and home to an illustrious roster of cosmetic, skincare and fragrance brands, including Max Factor. COTY saw a major impact on their business due to the lockdowns during COVID. The number of consumers visiting one of the 1,710 physical stores where Max Factor’s products are available dropped substantially as new shopping behaviours started to appear. Max Factor wanted to increase market share and stimulate trials for a new mascara launch. But with so many challenges in consumer and mobility changes, driven by insecurities and government restrictions caused by COVID, they had to find ways to pivot into digital brand experiences. Working with Blis, Publicis developed a multichannel strategy capitalising on digital growth and growing TV viewing time to drive mass reach and impact – balancing and optimising towards the most effective combination in terms of ROI. By delivering the right message to the right people at the right place and time, Max Factor’s campaign won a Bronze AMMA award by achieving an ROI of  €0,62 – 50% higher than the benchmark.

Objectives & strategy

The main objectives of the campaign were to build brand awareness for the new Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, drive sales uplift and drive footfall into Kruidvat and Etos stores.

The strategy was based on analysing mobile activity and finding incremental opportunities to expose their target audience to ads at the right moment and time.  The media strategy was aimed at knowing as well as possible at what time and where consumers go when it comes to drugstore visits. COTY could then respond to this accurately by relying on location-based mobile advertising. 


Blis was tasked with persuading consumers to visit specific stores in the country. Based on a historic targeting strategy, three core audiences were built based on their real-life behaviour. COTY ads could be seen by curated audiences that had visited selected beauty stores and pharmacies within the last 13 months. Additionally, using a location targeting strategy, COTY could accurately rely on location data to target consumers in close proximity to a relevant store, as well as continue to deliver content once they had returned home.

By integrating physical stores back into the customer journey, Blis could help Publicis and Coty to leverage a solid combination of offline and online channels, integrating an increasingly digital consumer journey with in-store experiences. COTY could also balance and optimise towards the most effective combination in terms of ROI. 


  • +55.1% increase (vs control) in-store visits 
  • ROI of €0,62 – 50% higher than the benchmark
  • 0.33%  CTR –vs benchmark of 0.30%
  • 2.14% store visit rate
  • 22.99% store visit uplift

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