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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room

‘Oh, here’s another company talking about the ID-less future’ – that’s what you may be thinking while you roll your eyes, right? I know, we’ve all been there. 

Well, there’s another elephant in the room and it’s time to talk about it. There’s no ID-less future – it’s the ID-less present. As we reveal in our new e-guide, you’re already missing out on half of digital audiences on mobile right now. Not tomorrow or just after cookies start to disappear from Chrome. 

The audiences behind the numbers

Media buyers and advertisers may still be finding enough impressions to deliver their campaigns, but quality is massively suffering. Since the world started waking up from its pandemic-induced slumber, people have been eager to be out and about to make up for the past two years. Naturally, some lifestyle groups are more likely to spend. 

Think about affluents, travellers and fast movers, for example. They’re all ready to spend more, either because they’re constantly on the move or are used to spending more on products and services. “Who am I missing out on my plans by relying only on IDs?” is the question you should all be asking now.

Understanding the different behaviours across key lifestyle groups is crucial to rethinking your media strategy, as you may be missing large swathes of the most important customers out there.

There’s no miracle solution, it’s time to face the challenges head-on 

With almost 50% of mobile audiences being missed, there’s no reason to think that a miracle solution will emerge in the foreseeable future. If anything, as consumers get a better understanding of their right to privacy, more people will opt-out. So, as hard as it may seem, it’s key to implement future-proofed solutions today.

Here are two important questions you should  ask your partners before choosing them (download our new e-guide to find out more):

  • Is the behavioural data granular and accurate enough to help me with personalisation?
  • Can I A/B test current vs new audiences to prove results at scale?
  • Is the approach enabling accurate measurement of business outcomes and ROI?

These simple questions can help you understand just how much your partners may still be relying on IDs and cookies. If their methodologies do still rely heavily on personal identifiers, then, they may not have the long-term solution you’re seeking. 

Rather than just rolling our eyes when we hear something about the cookieless future, it’s time to keep them wide open and face the elephant in the room. Missing audiences are a real and current problem, and savvy marketers will be looking to reach their fully addressable audiences today, in the ID-less present. 


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