Life Is Blis – Ed Mullins

Tell us a bit about yourself?

This is my 5th year working in media, I’ve worked across a number of different roles from tea intern, agency sales to Supply sales. I joined media straight out of graduating from Leeds and am yet to win any awards for all my work. hint hint…

Why did you decide to join?

From a career perspective, I wanted to be more involved in both the Mobile and the demand side of media. However, from a personal point of view I had heard really good things about the culture at Blis which was a really important part of my choice to work here.

What do you do at Blis?

I am a Senior Supply Manager at Blis. My day to day responsibilities primarily involve managing the supply relationships ranging from tech vendors to SSP’s and publishers to deliver our campaigns and make sure we have the connections we need to service our clients.

Best moment at Blis so far?

I’m almost a year now and so far it’s been an epic ride. It’s hard to pick a singular moment, I think my best moment so far has been some of the moments made with the people I work with!

Tell us something not many people know about you?

I was in a fair few episodes of T.O.W.I.E as a barman in the early seasons.

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