Life is Blis – Jack Dellecoste

Tell us about yourself

After finishing a degree in communications and media there was a lot of things I was expecting the advertising/media landscape to be like. Finishing my degree, I was convinced that I was ready to enter the high risk, high reward arena of advertising. Images and scenarios from the tv show Mad Men spring to mind, with make or break campaign ideas being pitched on the daily and a drink always in hand. Like most naïve 20 year olds it was the glamour of the industry that drew me in, however upon getting my first taste of media life the reality was not quite as expected.

Starting my first day in an agency job, the reality was slightly different. High profile boardroom pitches were substituted for countless excel reports and campaign trafficking, however it was here that my passion for digital media blossomed. Since that point I’ve taken a key interest in all thing digital, with a focus on campaign tagging, pixel-based systems and attribution methodologies. Thankfully when I was offered the role at Blis these were all skills that I was then given the opportunity to use in my everyday role.

Why did you decide to join?

Before taking a role a Blis I was working at a media agency for multiple years. Upon initially taking a role at this agency, they were sharing an office space with Blis. This meant that I had a wealth of exposure to the Blis team and the way they operated very early in my media career and well before starting at the company. Over the years I’d run multiple campaigns with Blis, interacting with both their sales and account management teams. Therefore, when I was presented with the opportunity to join the client service manager team at Blis it was a very easy decision.

What do you do at Blis?

In my role, I lead the client service arm of the Blis AU/NZ team, working with a team of 5 across 3 cities and 2 countries to ensure we are delivering high quality account management to all our clients. This involves managing all elements of the campaign from the point of sign off, all the way through to post campaign analysis, with our core focus being on delivering the results that our partners need to ensure they are hitting their business goals.

Best moment at Blis so far?

One of my favourite moments at Blis so far definitely must be Golden Shaker. Golden shaker is an annual cocktail making contest run by the Blis Sydney office where a group of our partner agencies go head to head to synthesis a signature cocktail for a panel of industry judges.

In the lead up to the event we have 6 weeks of cocktail making workshops, all leading up to the final which is a black-tie gala, bringing together colleagues and clients for a night of competition, laughter and partying. Definitely not an event to be missed.

Tell us something not many people know about you?

Not many people know that I’m a gaming collector. I love scouring online marketplaces and find bargain vintage consoles and already have a sizeable collection. When I’m not collecting gaming paraphernalia, I’m either play video games or sports, neither of which I’m highly skilled at, however I use these as my way of switching off and recharging.

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