Moment Marketing

The moment for moment marketing has arrived

Consumers are more responsive to personalisation than ever before. From Amazon to Warby Parker, large retailers and niche brands alike are crafting one-of-a-kind retail experiences for consumers such as personalised purchase recommendations. At home, Netflix and Amazon Prime are tailoring programme suggestions to our specific interests.

These trends are transforming the advertising world. Once committed to crafting single narratives for the masses on prime-time TV or billboards, the ad industry now relies on data-driven techniques and insights to deliver customised messages for individual consumers, when and where it suits them best.

Connecting physical and digital spaces

The latest incarnation of this trend is moment marketing, which uses information about the consumer’s physical and online environment to deliver relevant messages at specific moments in real time. But moment marketing isn’t new: Standout cases include Oreo’s 2013 Super Bowl campaign “You can still dunk in the dark” or Arby’s tweet about Pharrell Williams’ hat at the 2014 Grammys.

Be insightful

But today, moment marketing is becoming even more sophisticated with the help of advanced insights and tools. For instance, we’ve brought the benefits of advanced location data to moment marketing by teaming up with TVTY, the industry’s leading moment marketing company. TVTY’s platform monitors and reacts to more offline triggers than any other platform, such as TV ads, weather conditions, sporting events, financial trends and other live-data feeds. When a trigger is activated, ads can target consumers in a given location within 200 milliseconds. With Blis, TVTY gains an extra contextual layer of location data, so brands can deliver personalised, location-based advertising at opportune moments.

The partnership is already helping brands enhance their campaigns. An FMCG brand, for instance, recently used TVTY’s social trend trigger to launch campaigns aiming to capture Brits’ spontaneous, carefree attitudes during summer. The brand targeted consumers when keywords associated with summer were trending; and thanks to Blis they optimised their targeting further, using advanced location data to deliver ads at the right time and place, increasing the performance of their campaigns.

In order to seize the benefits of this new partnership, the FMCG brand simply needed to indicate which audience it wanted to target; TVTY and Blis took care of the rest. Full integration between the two platforms allows marketers to launch location-based, moment marketing campaigns without any added complexity.

With the rise of moment marketing and personal advertising, tools like ours are not only convenient, but also necessary for success. If brands want to cut through the noise and reach out to their ideal audiences, they’ll need to meet consumers where they are with messages too unique to ignore.

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