New Collaborations to Improve Measurement of In-Store Sales

Shopper marketers everywhere are quickly realizing that if they want their digital advertising efforts to lead to greater foot traffic and in-store sales, location data is key.

In fact, spending on location-based advertising is expected to grow by 24 percent per year, reaching $29.5 billion in 2020. But in order to reap the benefits of location-based advertising, brands should couple their location data with other advanced audience data and analytics capabilities.

This is exactly why Blis has recently teamed up with four leading data and analytics companies. By collaborating with Oracle Data Cloud, RSi’s Ansa, IRI and PushSpring, Blis is enabling its clients to reach hyper-targeted audience segments and improve sales attribution. “These strategic relationships will provide our clients with a wealth of opportunities to maximize ROI,” said Gil Larsen, VP Americas at Blis.

Oracle Data Cloud

Oracle Data Cloud creates advanced audience segments using purchase-based data plus lifestyle, online behavioral, demo and more across 91 percent of U.S. households. This enables Blis’ clients to target category and brand buyers at scale, with relevant messages, to minimize waste. That same data can also be used to help measure how effectively campaigns are reaching those buyers.

Blis’ recent campaign with a major household soap brand provides a prime example. Wanting to increase sales at Kroger, the brand began by identifying its ideal audience: women ages 25 to 45 who had been previously seen at Kroger stores and parent-centric locations such as elementary schools. With Oracle Data Cloud, the soap brand segmented their ideal audience further by identifying which of those women had previously purchased the soap brands’ products. By serving ads to this specific subset of consumers when they approached a Target store, the brand saw higher engagement and conversation rates.

Ansa powered by RSi

RSi’s Ansa analytics solution enables Blis CPG customers to measure and maximize the performance of their shopper marketing campaigns running in support of the nation’s leading retailers. Ansa provides the intelligence they need in order to automatically plan, target, and measure the impact of Blis shopper marketing campaigns, based on their daily, store-level POS-data.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with Blis, the global pioneer in advanced, innovative location data solutions. In the extremely fast paced shopper marketing environment, the partnership between Blis and Ansa will help advertisers connect with consumers on their devices in real-time even more efficiently and effectively” shares Michael Quinn, General Manager for Ansa at Retail Solutions Inc.


IRI provides point of sale data enabling brands to measure in-store sales uplift as a result of digital media campaigns. ​This new partnership is empowering Blis’ clients to improve attribution and make informed targeting decisions.

What might this look like in reality? First, IRi identifies stores where a brand’s sales are underperforming compared to other products in the same category. Next, Blis identifies—and targets—devices near these underperforming stores that match the brand’s target audience. ​These tactics will help brands maximize sales uplift and ROI.


“By creating different audiences based on which apps consumers own, PushSpring is helping brands find and reach a more accurate audience,” said Brandon Zirkle, PushSpring VP. A sports brand looking to reach out to fitness enthusiasts, for example, may target individuals who own workout apps to track their running patterns and calories. Similarly, a person who owns’s shopping app may be someone who likes buying low-cost, wholesale items. A brand looking to drive in-store sales may benefit from a campaign designed to get her to visit a nearby Walmart.

By merging the powerful capabilities of these third-party companies with Blis’ advanced location data and technology, these partnerships are helping shopper marketers across North America craft hyper-targeted and highly effective campaigns.

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