Q&A Client Spotlight: AAA Club Alliance

AAA Club Alliance: A 160over90 and Blis Client

In conjunction with the launch of our new white paper, “Driving In-Store Traffic & Purchases through Digital Channels” we interviewed our participating client, AAA Club Alliance for their opinions on the subject. For more content on how retailers are utilizing location data to drive customers in-store, download our white paper.

1. Based on your experience, how are retailers succeeding in using digital channels to drive in-store sales? What are their greatest pain points?

In our retail experience we are using digital channels as the main vessel to drive members to our stores. We are using other tactics such as e-mail and OOH to supplement, but digital allows us to be very surgical and thoughtful so that we are delivering the right service to the right consumer. The greatest pain point that I see is marketers have a tremendous amount of data, but not enough resources to analyze and act upon the data.

2. How are retailers leveraging location data to increase in-store footfall?

Location based data has been a great story for us. We are able to pin-point exactly when a member is near one our locations and deliver timely content/offers. More importantly, based on the footfall information we receive we are beginning to re-allocate marketing dollars to locations based on traffic that we are seeing.

3. Let’s assume a hypothetical retailer’s’ digital strategies for driving in-store sales have reached peak maturity. What is that retailer doing that other retailers are not?

If a retailer’s digital strategy has reached a peak I believe that retailer is very cognizant and active in testing – testing messaging, imagery, offers, time of day placement, segments, etc.

4. What is your message to retail industry leaders at different stages of adoption of leveraging location data?

My message is to test, learn & repeat. You must be in a constant cycle of focus on improvement.  Also, don’t be afraid to have a test fail.  You will probably learn more from this experience than from a “win” right out of the gate.

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