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Find out the retail trends in the run-up to this holiday season

Find out the retail trends in the run-up to this holiday season

Our new Holiday Retail tracker combines Blis’ proprietary footfall data with insights to reveal the impacts of COVID, restrictions and key retail events on consumer trends across the globe. The 1-pagers are updated regularly to reflect new consumer patterns and help marketers and media planners prepare for the upcoming holiday season. 


Some key points from this week’s trackers…


US: Americans are sitting tight until Black Friday retail bonanza!

The past couple of weeks have been relatively calm as we get used to the darker evenings. However, with ongoing supply chain issues and the memory of last year’s muted celebrations still fresh in mind, shoppers are expected to be out and about looking for the upcoming Black Friday deals in the next few weeks. 

Download our US 1-pager to find out more


UK: it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The holiday season is picking up pace with a second successive week of visitation growth. The start of festivities around bonfire night and the return of cold nights may be kicking off consumers’ Christmassy feeling and accelerating the focus to stocking fillers. With Christmas markets, work socials, and nights out through the rest of the year, we will see the creation of new need states which also bring more consumers into your catchment areas and present you with a greater opportunity to drive them in-store. 

Download our UK 1-pager to find out more 


Netherlands: new COVID measures are driving consumer behaviour

The reintroduction of mandatory mask-wearing for shoppers alongside other COVID measures does seem to have taken a toll on consumer appetite for shopping as visitation dropped 7% on average week-over-week. However, consumers may simply need time to get used to a retail landscape with some slight restrictions. The lure of big Black Friday discounts may offset any consumer anxiety, so now is the time for brands to find the right customers based on real-life behaviour.

Download our Netherlands 1-pager to find out more 


Italy: Green Pass for workers has aroused the concern of many Italians

Our Consumer Confidence Pulse (October data) highlights a worsening of the consumer’s mood and intents. Feeling about the financial situation is worse than it was in September. However, footfall data continues to confirm a positive trend across the retail categories – giving brands the chance to reveal some big discounts in the run up to Black Friday to grab consumers’ attention in the next few weeks. 

Download our Italy 1-pager to find out more 


Australia: ‘revenge spending’ is coming 

As Australians return to stores after lockdown, there’s a ‘promiscuity multiplier’ for retailers to consider as repertoires widen and competition increases. Looking at our proprietary footfall data across key retail sectors, the trend is clear: consumers continue to embrace their freedom and are getting ready for some ‘revenge spending’ during this holiday season.

Download our Australia 1-pager to find out more


Singapore: major retail events such as Singles’ Day are driving people into stores

The holiday season in Singapore is picking up pace with consistent increases in visitations as the Singaporean shopper continues to venture out in the run-up to major retail events, such as Singles’ Day. Consumers are out and about – browsing, perusing and adding items to wishlists. Brands will benefit from peek-a-boo moments to provide shoppers with a glimpse of what’s coming as they draw out their shopping lists.

Download our Singapore 1-pager to find out more


India: the early bird catches the worm

With Diwali behind us, Indians are ready to welcome winter and the holiday season that comes with it. The first week of November shows signs of a surge in visitations as shoppers step out to check items off of their holiday shopping list just in time for Christmas and New Year. Brands can look at jumping the gun and kickstarting the upcoming shopping season with pre-Christmas promotional events.

Download our India 1-pager to find out more


Philippines: on the road to recovery 

The government has now implemented a more relaxed level of restrictions allowing people to step out and walk around. Right now, retail centres only allow fully vaccinated shoppers. However, predictions are optimistic as consumers continue to get vaccinated and are expected to be out and about in the next few weeks.

Download our Philippines 1-pager to find out more



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