The changing behaviour series: share of voice matters more than ever

We are living in unprecedented times, that goes without saying. Everyone is impacted, lives are changing, travel is restricted, gyms, restaurants and stores are closing – consumer behaviours are shifting rapidly. Daily life as we know it is different…for now. 

Amidst it all, the Blis team globally are doing fine, and we hope your teams and families are as well. 

While this crisis is unfolding, our team is monitoring patterns of consumer behaviour to better help brands understand how best to communicate with their customers. We’ll bring you regular updates in our ‘The changing behaviour series’, from trends we’re seeing in our data and how that is being reflected by what brands are doing around the world.

In times of turbulence like this, it’s important that we all come together as a community, as families, co-workers, friends – and, yes, just as humans – to get through this and come out the other side stronger. Although we are having to self isolate and practice #socialdistancing, it doesn’t mean life itself stops or the world stops turning. Now is the time for empathy, kindness, trust and humanity. 

This goes for brands too. And we’re seeing some wonderful examples around the world, from Woolworths in Australia, most major grocers in the UK  and many others around the US, who created an ‘elderly hour’ opening stores earlier for the elderly, to shop safely to brands like Nandos, Gillette, McDonalds and many more in the UK offering free or discount offers for NHS workers, to Adobe providing two months of free Creative Cloud to provide free, temporary remote access to Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and InDesign. LVMH has even turned their perfume factory outside of Orléans into a powerhouse hand sanitising gel producer able to donate 12 tonnes of the hand sanitising gel to the 39 hospitals of Paris pretty much overnight. And there are new examples arising by the hour of brands finding ways to go above and beyond at a time when it matters most. Real purpose driven marketing in action. 

At times of economic downturn It may be tempting for brands to pull back from finding creative ways to reach and engage consumers, because people are travelling, shopping and eating out less and habits are temporarily disrupted. But It’s also important to recognise that consumer behaviour is changing, if only temporarily. Consumers remain consumers and it’s more important than ever for brands to stay top of mind. 

share of voice matters

Studies like the famous Binet and Field study in collaboration with the IPA, show that higher share of voice leads to higher share of mind, thus brands and market share grow. Lower share of voice has the inverse effect. Equilibrium is reached when share of voice equals share of mind.

Continuous engagement is key, especially at times like this.

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