Game ROI Doesn’t Have to End After 4th Quarter

It’s been a little over a week since the Big Game where the country saw the underdog Philadelphia Eagles triumph over the reigning champion New England Patriots. But of course, the Big Game isn’t just for the talented players who make the final showdown after a long season, it’s also one of the biggest events for brand advertisers all year. It’s a chance for advertisers to reach a large number of folks and show off their creative chops to earn the admiration of Americans nationwide.

But now that the game is over and we have around 355 days until the next one, how can advertisers reach the NFL fans that engaged with their ad content during the broadcast? Here are some tips on how brands can best reach fans during the regular season.

Die-hard fans

According to our data, die-hard fans, defined as those that purchased stadium season tickets, are more than twice as likely to watch the game at a bar compared to someone who didn’t buy an NFL stadium ticket that season. This location behavior gives adult beverage brands a leg up for this audience. These brands should serve ad content with messaging that speaks to the life-long love they have for their team while they are watching the game in their favored social viewing location, strengthening the brand-consumer relationship which will likely lead to a conversion.

Regular-level fans

Regular-level fans, those who have an NFL/team app on their phone, are more likely to watch the game at home compared to according to location insights. This behooves any grocery stores and food delivery outlets attempting to link their brand to the Super Bowl to target these folks in the run-up to the weekend and then finally at home as they hunker down at home for the game every Sunday with their go-to snacks.

Targeting with Wifi

To successfully target these fans, brands need the ability to recognize the same mobile device they saw at last week’s game when it’s currently connected to a bar Wifi. They key is WiFi because only Wifi can separate the consumer device from the bar below from the resident phone at the apartment upstairs. The use of lat/longs can’t achieve this level of accuracy.

The insight gained by location, affords brands the opportunity to reach fans at scale, and to amplify other media activity. For instance, the NFL die-hard can see that insurance brand at the stadium, and then again on their phone during the game while drinking at the bar. Meanwhile, the casual fan can see the TV commercial at home, then again on their mobile or desktop the next morning as they start the work week. Brands should use these insights to continue reaching fans long after the Big Game ends. Just because advertising’s biggest night is over, doesn’t mean the ROI needs to be!

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