Brand Safety


Brand Safety is a Collective Challenge

In an age where one misstep can cause irreparable damage to long-term brand equity and short-term sales targets, brands are more concerned than ever with where their content appears. Blis, VP, Jamie Crespi, believes the responsibility to remedy this issue and rebuild brand trust falls on the adtech industry.

The Industry needs to act together to fix brand safety

Charlie Smith, UK MD at Blis, argues that when it comes to brand safety, advertising can’t survive on good intentions alone. If anyone was in any doubt about the seriousness of the brand safety issue, yesterday’s news that some of the world biggest agency groups had come together to form the The Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) should make them think again.

The 3 Pillars to Brand Safety & How to Make Sure They Are Upheld

Brand safety is an industry-wide issue and needs to be tackled accordingly. There are three key pillars to brand safety, without which brands will continue to pull their digital ad spend. Demand-side partners have the responsibility of being open with brands and taking action accordingly.

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