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The changing behaviour series: loyalty is a long game and reinforcing trust is key

Here at Blis, we’re seeing all sorts of interesting trends as mobile usage is rising exponentially and people who have more dwell time at home are engaging more. We also have a birds eye view of what’s happening on the streets in retail, QSR and other sectors. We’re analysing all of this rich data as quickly as we can, so read on for ‘The changing behaviour series’ with the trends and observations as we see them in the coming days and weeks. 

While consumers are more likely to be working from home and therefore less exposed to traditional media channels like OOH, Blis analysis is showing that mobile usage is increasing globally and that consumers are generally more engaged with mobile (especially in-app activity), audio, streaming and gaming, cross device. 

With consumers in a more receptive mindspace to engage with brands, opportunities abound for brands to tell rich and immersive stories that reach the right audience. Right now, the ‘noise levels’ in nearly every category are likely to be down, so brands have the opportunity to find ways to engage with their consumers in ways that are purpose-driven, useful, educational and entertaining to help stay top of mind now and maintain loyalty once the crisis is over. 

“Confronted with a 50% cut in marketing budgets, the smarter play is to actually focus more of it on the longer-term brand-building mission.” Mark Ritson, Marketing Week. 

Savvy brands will be thinking of new, more human approaches to building their relevance and brand during this time, rather than going dark at a time when more people are working, shopping, app-ing, streaming and dreaming from home than ever before. As Mark Ritson said in his brilliant article last week in Marketing Week, “Confronted with a 50% cut in marketing budgets, the smarter play is to actually focus more of it on the longer-term brand-building mission.”

Keeping top of mind and relevant now, by cutting through with brand awareness campaigns driving to web or ecommerce will help brands create the buying behaviours they want to see in the future, once ‘life’ goes back to normal. 

During times of uncertainty, we, as humans, generally place our trust in people and brands we believe understand us and are there for us, and we’re more likely to choose brands that meet our immediate needs, provide value or are the most empathetic.  

There’s a new ‘business as usual’ bubbling up, and that’s a time for brands to reinforce purpose, trust, empathy, usefulness and just generally be there for their loyal consumers. In life, we always remember the people who are there for us in good times and bad, and we’ll surely remember and reward the brands who were there for us too.

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