The changing behaviour series: webinar – The incremental lifting of lockdown in the UK

From a distance the signs are indicating that this will look like a rapid recovery for the UK economy, with Andy Haldane, Economist at the Bank of England saying, “The recovery in the UK is coming ‘sooner and faster’ than expected, leaving us optimistic for a V-shaped bounceback”. However, while we’re in the thick of it, expect a series of interruptions and false starts until the risk of additional spikes and waves of COVID-19 reduces and further lockdowns become more remote.

With most lockdown restrictions lifted across the UK our team at Blis have looked into different sectors to break down the patterns of consumer behaviour observed from commuting, home improvement stores, automotive, retail and grocery sectors. A pattern emerging across each sector is one of an initial surge, followed by a decline and plateau. As each new sector reopens, this pattern replicates, bringing slightly higher numbers of visitors in store. 

Watch the webinar in full below:

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